Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Many Blessings…

We have been very blessed this past week.  We are now home owners.  Yeah!!  The house we wanted is ours.  We got short sale approval from the bank and two weeks later were able to get the keys.  Mikey is so excited.  I don’t think there is a man out there who is actually happy to have a honey do list like he is.  I should paint before we move in, but I don’t know what colors I want to do.  Once we are settled I can figure out what I want.house_thumb[1]

Also, as you know we went to classes and are licensed for foster/adopt.  Well, we have finally been placed.  We wanted a boy between the ages 0-2.  Well, we got two boys (twins) ages (now) 10 days old.  So, right now we are long term fostering and we will see if we will be able to adopt them.  Lauren is a great big sister.  It is quite a lot to be going on, but we are so excited.  I am ever so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who has blessed us with so much.  I can only credit Him in all that we have and are able to achieve.